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Many of you have seen many emails on wealth systems and strategies on how to earn a living online. So many people have been hurt and continue to be hurt by these systems. Well I am not here to sell you another system but to educate you on how internet marketing works.

I think I am very qualified to tell you the truth about what you are currently hoping to do regarding using the net to make money. Internet marketing requires thousands and thousands of people seeing your offer. No one ever tells you this but to make any money you need as many eyeballs seeing your offer as possible and this is where 98% of marketers online fail over and over again. YOU WILL NEVER MAKE THE MONEY YOU DESIRE BY DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW PERIOD.

You can achieve the boat loads of traffic you want to promote to using ONPASSIVE. Not only do you get access to the best traffic , you get paid for using the system which is unheard of onine at this moment. I must stress that this business has not been made by someone in a basement or scammy guy running sites just to extract cash from you and run. This business allows you to earn a living online which none of the others have been unable to do at this point. With offices all over the world and over 200 employees you cannot go wrong with support. Most the the most critical , competent marketers are involved in this business and killing it with Go Founders which is just a launch pad for ONPASSIVE, as the business will be launched very soon..the price to get into a fully legit , heavily invested program at this point is $97 but will go up to $997 and that is only if they is space..Please don't wait on this program and then realize that everyone is doing this and you get left by the road side.