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Why most internet "gurus" suck

Most internet marketing "experts" talk a good talk. 

They usually try to come across as being on top of their game. 

Spouting stuff they've taken from somewhere else then passing it off as their own. 

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Who am I calling stoopid?

Most definitely not you.

(It's usually around this point that
imbeciline narkotwerps start
emailing me saying how they're
not stoopid)

My point - there is one, honest -
is that you're no...

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I’ve just updated the 11 Instant Pay sites where we offer 50% to 100% INSTANT Commissions with a 10.00 Super Solo Offer, and it’s JAM-PACKED FOR 10 BUCKS!

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How I get fresh leads every day -- For Any Business -- No Cost

Hi Friend

I really like it when i find a system that really does work.

So i have stumbled across a platform that provides leads for any business daily.

Fresh and responsive leads for any business you are involved with . No Cost - No Credit Card

I have tried...

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